Coma Berenices is one of those constellations visible in the spring sky perhaps not on the radar of some astronomers as much as it should.  It is ill-defined, rather faint and sometimes mistakenly considered as a modern group.  It is not, and further more is rich in interest for the deep sky and binocular observer alike. [Read more about Coma Berenices - The Amber Tresses]

Sky Notes - May 2022

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights 
  • Lunar Eclipse - set for dawn Sky 
  • Meteors - Eta Aquarids
  • Noctilucent cloud season begins
  • May Night Sky
  • May 2022 Sky Charts

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With the introduction of BST (British Snow Time) it is after 21:30hrs before twilight deepens to astronomical levels in April. Spring constellations occupy much of the sky to the south and east...a direction which at this time of year offers a window onto the wider universe.  [Read more about The Window on the Wider Universe - Virgo]

After acquiring a Celestron AVX GOTO mount and tripod in December, further acquisitions mean we can now marry refractor tubes assemblies to the mount via a dovetail saddle. [Read more about 'Saddled Up' And Ready to GO-TO ]

The meeting in April wil be held on Tuesday 5th, usual venue Room H1 - Caedmon College - Normanby Campus (ie Whitby College) starting from 19:30hrs.  [Read more about Society Meeting - April ]

Sky Notes - April 2022

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights 
  • Meteors - Lyrids
  • April Night Sky
  • April 2022 Sky Charts

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Charles MessierBorn in 18th century France, Charles Messier devoted most of his astronomical career hunting for comets, the discovery of which could bring fame and fortune. In the persuit of doing so, Messier stumbled across numerous 'nebulae', cataloguing their celestial location with descriptive text. Messier once wrote; "what made me produce this catalogue was the nebula I had seen in Taurus 1758 while I was observing the comet of that year. The shape and brightness of that nebula reminded me so much of a comet, that, I undertook to find more of its kind to save astronomers from confusing this nebula with comets"  In so doing one of the great astronomical works was fashioned - the Messier Catalogue, a work renowed by amatuer astronomers the world over and one that ultimately spawned a test Messier could hardly have imagined possible.  [Read more about Charles Messier - The Comet Ferret']

Last month's Society monthly meeting had to be cancelled at the last minute due to unavoidable family circumstances for Mark. We tried to contact all those who normally attend, but appologise to anyone who did travel to the college and were met by Elaine. In the circumstances it was thought best to cancel. This month (March) the meeting is definately on at our usual venue Room H1 - Caedmon College - Normanby Campus (ie Whitby College) starting from 19:30hrs. [Read more about Society Meeting - March]

So, what would Saturday evening conjure up for the National Parks Dark Skies Event at the Danby Moors Centre, more clear skies? Two in a row, surely not?! Well, it was for most locations in England, but not quite for the small section above the Danby Moors!  And that's only half the story....

  [Read more about Danby Moors Centre – Dark Sky Event - The Curse of the Cloud]

After what seems like an age, it was great to be back supporting the Dark Skies & Warm Fires weekend hosted by Colin and Vicky, proprietors of the Fox and Hounds at Ainthorpe. It was pretty marvellous to actually do some observing outside, the first occasion we have been able to do so in 3 years!.. [Read more about Fox and Hounds – Dark Sky & Warm Fires Event]

Sky Notes - March 2022

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights 
  • Meteors
  • Spring Equinox
  • March 2022 Sky Charts

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The society has recently acquired a new mount and tripod and will make a highly useful GOTO platform for any of the refractors belonging to the society. [Read more about New Equipment for Society ]

Hosts Colin and Vicky of the Fox & Hounds Hotel - Ainthorpe, are again hosting their Dark skies - Warm fires night from the hotel under the dark skies of the North York Moors on February 25th 2022 from 18:30hrs.  [Read more about Fox and Hounds – Dark Sky Event]

On Saturday 26th, weather permitting, we shall again be hosting an event at the Danby Moors Centre for the Dark Sky Festival at half term. Members assistance will be essential and greatly appreciated.  [Read more about Dark Sky Night – Danby Moors Centre]

Society monthly meetings have now recommenced at our usual venue Room H1 - Caedmon College - Normanby Campus (ie Whitby College) starting from 19:30hrs. For the January meeting, two 'in-house' presentations were given by society members- see main body.   [Read more about News of Society Meetings ]