This page has links to information we hope you will find useful.  If you have an Astro-related site you visit regularly, which you think should be included, or if you're the webmaster of an awesome site and want to offer a reciprocal link, please get in touch.

Video Sources

  • We make regular use of some of the best Astro-related video sources on YouTube, which often give a much more stiumlating understanding of subjects than we could hope to by ourselves.  We're endebted to the tireless efforts of individuals and the teams they enthuse, to put together amazing, fascinating and superbly well explained content.
  • Deep Sky Videos
  • Minute Physics
    • Henry Reich makes superb use of animation to explain almost impenetrably challenging concepts simply.
  • Veritasium
    • Derek Muller is a great science communicator.  His videos cover astro-physics and other science subjects.
  • Sci-Show Space
    • This channel from the Sci-Show stable releases regular, well-researched videos on a wide range of astronomy and cosmology topics, all presented in their characteristic fast-paced delivery.  There's no chance to be bored during a Sci-Show video, but lots and lots to learn.
  • Crash Course Astronomy
    • Written and presented by Phil Plait, known to many from his Bad Astronomy website, this is a brilliant resource of dozens of videos, clearly explaining every all aspects of the cosmos.


Here's a list of Astro-related sites which we hope you'll find useful.

  • Heavens-Above
    We look at this site before any star party, because it's a great place to find the extact times when the ISS (International Space Telescope) will pass across the sky; and Iridium Flares (a bright flash of light when the sun catches the solar panels of a mobile phone satellite).
  • Hubble Site
    The Hubble Space Telescope has given us high quality images of the wonders of space: the feint white smudges we see in our telescopes are revelaed in breathtaking colour and detail.  We use Hubble pictures on this website to compare the high detail Hubble images with the things you see in our star parties and open nights.
  • This site showcases Astronomical Society events around UK. Public events, where to go, what's on, what to take, what to see. Location maps.

Astronomy Clubs and Associations

Websites of Astronomy Associations, groups, friends, associate members and fellow astronomers, with whom we've made good connections over the years.