Society Wedding

A wedding in the Society - the first in 25 years.  

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Perseverance and Ingenuity are continuing to expand their horizons on the red planet, with Ingenuity making an 8th flight and Percy undertaking roving science. The Chinese Zhurong rover is also on the move, and taking selfies.  [Read more about More (brief) Tidings from Mars ]

The next instalment of Paul Money's Night Scenes almanac is now available on PDF or Kindle e book format. Details are as follows..


We have had the first 'successful' star party on the West Cliff for well over a year. At least we called it successful...  [Read more about Summer star parties - update ]

The next instalment of Paul Money's Night Scenes almanac will shortly be available, again on PDF or Kindle e book format only. Details are as follows..


Tidings from Mars

It’s almost becoming crowded on Mars with yet another rover arrival, the first from China. The Zhurong rover is already sending its first images back to Earth. Meanwhile, NASA's helicopter drone Ingenuity has now completed 6 flights, just! Percy starts to rove doing real science... [Read more about Tidings from Mars ]

It looks as though lockdown restrictions are being eased as planned; so far. As we continue to take tentative steps to some form of normality, it is time to map out a likely summer Star Party events schedule.  [Read more about Summer Star Party Schedule - in Brief]

"We have lift off", or so it might have been said in days gone by, but such a phrase could aptly have been coined when Ingenuity - NASA's small helicopter drone, took to the thin Martian air on April 18th - 2021...around breakfast time BST. Having located a suitable piece of Martian ground in proximity to the initial landing site, Percy dropped off its small 'cling on' companion late last month. Since then scientists have been conducting tests in readiness for the first flight. [Read more about Ingenuity Takes One small Flight]

NASA's Mars rover, Perseverance, or Percy for short, has now been on Mars for almost 40 Sols and appears to be functioning satisfactory. Attention, however will soon turn to the small 'helicopter drone'- Igenuity, attached to Percy in readiness for the first unmanned flight on another world.  [Read more about Perseverance - Update ]

Still the Way Ahead?

I guess so...for the foreseeble future.  [Read more about Still the Way Ahead?]