M67 Open Cluster

M67 is another Open Cluster this time in Cancer.  M67 lies 2,700 Light-Years away.  M67 is not the oldest known open cluster, but there are few Galactic clusters known to be older, and none of those are as close as M67. [Read more about M67 Open Cluster]

M44 is an Open Cluster with the common name of The Beehive Cluster or Praesepe.  M44 lies a mere 577 Light-Years away in the constellation of Cancer. It is one of the nearest open clusters to the Solar System, and it contains a larger star population than most other nearby clusters. [Read more about M44 Beehive Cluster (AKA Praesepe)]

Supernova in M82

M82 SupanovaOn the night of January 21, 2014, a group of astronomy students at University College London fortuitously spotted a supernova in M82 [Read more about Supernova in M82]

M35 Open Cluster

M35 is an open cluster that can be found in Gemini and is 2,800 ight-Years away.  The mass has been computed using a statistical technique based on proper motion velocities of its stars. [Read more about M35 Open Cluster]

M36 Open Cluster

M36 is a very open cluster and lies 4,100 Light-Years away in Auriga the charioteer.  There are at least 60 members of this cluster which are estimated to be about 14 light-years across. [Read more about M36 Open Cluster]

M38 Open Cluster

M38 Open Cluster (click for full-sized image)

M38 lies about 3,420 Light-Years away from us in Auriga the Charioteer. The cluster's brightest stars are said to form a pattern resembling the Greek letter Pi.


[Read more about M38 Open Cluster]