The Square: One of the chief constellations of the autumn night sky is the group of Pegasus. The main body of this constellation, known as the ‘Square of Pegasus’ can be utilised as a ‘signpost’ for locating constellations and leading stars arranged in the south and eastern aspects of the sky...

The Galaxy: With moonlight absent during the evenings from the second week in October, why not try to seek out an entirely separate galaxy with just the naked eye. Sound difficult? Well it’s easier than you may think... [Read more about The Square and the Andromeda Galaxy]

September Star Parties

Clear skies, sometimes plucked from the jaws of a dismal daytime, gave a full month of star parties:

  • Second Hook's House event of the season
  • West Cliff events
  • Westerdale visit

Catering was laid on for some of the events, and for Hooks House Farm there was something close to a banquet... [Read more about September Star Parties]

It's going to be a busy month for WDAS.  Star Parties arranged for:

  • Students and Staff of Fyling Hall School
  • School students in Westerdale
  • A special Hallowe'en event at the Danby Moors Centre...

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Uranus at opposition; Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury together in the East
  • Meteor Activity: Orionids, more weak Piscids and the Draconids
  • October 2015 Sky Charts