As part of the Dark Skies festival held throughout February half term across North Yorkshire and beyond, our society will be hosting a ‘star party’ at the Danby Moors Centre on February 17th (Saturday).

If skies are clear we will be observing some of the jewels of the winter sky under very dark skies, the moon being just a few days old.  The event is almost sold out; therefore scopes and transport are essential, so if you can make it along your assistance would be much appreciated. 

The event runs from 19:00-21:00h, so we shall be setting off around 18:10h to allow time to set up equipment.  Obviously it is February, and weather may dictate matters, suffice to say if it is not possible to observe outside, an indoor presentation will be given by Mark, and if dry the scaled solar system will be attempted.  Hopefully snow will absent, but if conditions are hazardous i suspect the event will be cancelled.  Talking of which...

RAF Fylingdales Event

The RAF Fylingdales event planned for January 18th, and organised by York A.S, the base, with assistance from us, had to be cancelled, victim of the wintry conditions.  The forecast spell of snow duly arrived with around 6 inches covering the moors.  Although the 18th itself was quite sunny, lying snow and plummeting evening temperatures would have made for hazardous surfaces on site as well as access roads.  Base officers therefore called it off 24hrs earlier, giving time for everyone involved to get the message.  It is hoped to reschedule the event for late February or sometime in March.  I don’t know; snow in January, almost unheard of.  We shall be seeing snow in February next!  Anyone would think it’s winter!