After what seems like an eternity, monthly meetings of the WDAS will resume at the college on Tuesday October 5th. Venue and time will be the same as usual.  [Read more about Society Monthly Meetings Resume and Observatory Open Nights. ]

Making good use of Dark Sky Reserve status awarded in December 2020, the North York Moors National Parks will be a hosting a number of Dark Sky events over the half term period. The Danby Moors Centre will  hosting their event on Oct 23rd from 19:00hrs.  [Read more about Dark Sky Event: Danby Moors Centre]

Our visit to the metropolis of Westerdale is a little later this year and at somewhat short notice. The date is today - Friday 1st October, so we had better get our skates on! [Read more about Westerdale Event - 2021]

Livestock and Shapes

Amongst the large and sometimes less distinctive stellar patterns about to hold centre stage in the autumn night sky, two smaller, but important groups, reside in a patch of sky encircled by both autumn and early winter constellations. One is a farm animal the other a shape: Aries and Triangulum. [Read more about Livestock and Shapes]

Our return to Hook's House; delayed for a year, not due to Covid, but by bad weather, was delayed by a further week as cloudy skies on Sept 4th prevented any chance of observing. The following Saturday however, was a different kettle of fish altogether... [Read more about Hook’s House Farm Event - 2021]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights 
  • October Meteors
  • October 2021 Sky Charts

September can be one of the best months for observing at star party events, but this will depend on weather conditions, hopefully somewhat better than August.  

  [Read more about Star Party/Society Schedule - September ]

August is usually our busiest month for star party events and as we had quite a few scheduled expectations were high. So, were there successes or did August's notoriously unpredictable weather scupper proceedings... [Read more about August Events - A retrospective look back. ]

Having visited Vulpecula and Sagitta (Fox and arrow) in the last 'In Focus' article, we shall complete our tour of the region close by the Summer Triangle with a look at Delphinus - the Dolphin and Equuleus the little horse.  [Read more about The Dolphin and Little Horse]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights 
  • September Meteors
  • Autumnal Equinox 
  • September 2021 Sky Charts

August is hopefully going to be a busy month for Star Parties - weather permitting.  

  [Read more about Star Party Schedule - August ]

The Fox and Arrow

No, not a pub, but two small constellations within the confines of the summer triangle asterism; Vulpecula and Sagitta .   [Read more about The Fox and Arrow ]

A 'Proper' Star Party

Last month's Star Party event on the 19th, may technically have been successful, but with no customers, it was really just an excercise in setting up and meeting once again. The same cannot be said for the star party on July 17th, which was a definate return to normality... [Read more about A 'Proper' Star Party]

Just to remind that the next instalment of Paul Money's Night Scenes almanac is now available on PDF or Kindle e book format. Details are as follows..


In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights 
  • August Meteors - the Perseids
  • Noctilucent cloud display
  • August 2021 Sky Charts