On March 1st we will be hosting an event at Fylinghall School, which is also being co-promoted by Baytown Coffee.  It’s 3 years since we last visited the School for a star night event, and it will be nice to renew ties.  If conditions are satisfactory (not chucking it down, blowing a Hooley, or knee deep in snow- none of which look likely) the boarding students will be flogged enlisted to help out with a scaled solar system demonstration before observing is commenced, or the implementation of plan B (indoor presentation)... [Read more about Dark Sky Event#1: Fylinghall School]

The Spring Equinox

The date of the Vernal Equinox and of astronomical spring in the northern hemisphere (the official start of spring) falls on March 20th this year.  This is when the Sun's path (‘the ecliptic’) first crosses the celestial equator on its apparent journey northwards into the sky.  The orientation of the Earth at the spring or autumnal equinox is such that neither of Earth’s poles are inclined toward the Sun and all locations experience equal hours of daylight and darkness; hence the term equinox. [Read more about The Spring Equinox]

Sky Notes - March 2019

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: AM: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter; PM: Mercury, Mars
  • Meteors: Virginids
  • Spring Equinox
  • March 2019 Sky Charts

Cursa in EridanusContinuing the tour of stellar objects crossing the meridian line this month: Cursa: the most northerly star of the River constellation Eridanus. [Read more about Crossing the Line: objects of the month]

This exciting exhibition sponsored by the Royal Society at Whitby Museum opens on February 16th and will showcase the importance of Whitby and the surrounding area in investigating the cosmos, from Captain Cook’s 1768 voyage mapping the transit of Venus to the current search for Dark Matter at Boulby Underground Laboratory.

The exhibition will be opened on the evening of the 15th, with a public lecture in The Normanby Room entitled “The Search for Dark Matter”, given by Professor Henrique Araujo of Imperial College London, telling of the internationally important work being carried out at Boulby Underground Laboratory... [Read more about ‘Whitby and the Cosmos’ Exhibition: Whitby Museum]

Blimey O’ Reilly, I don’t believe it, skies were actually clear for one of this year’s astronomical highlights, so I hope you set the alarm and viewed it. 

I had set my camera and tripod up the previous evening, so when the phone alarm jolted me out of my slumber around 04:45h, I only had to don some warm attire and wander out into the back garden to view proceedings... [Read more about Lunar Total Eclipse – Report by Mark Dawson]

On Saturday 2nd February 2018, we shall, weather permitting, be called in to action again at the Danby Moors Centre, for their Dark Skies Week event. The date coincides with the schools half term.  This is their ‘flagship event’ and if skies are clear we shall need assistance from members regarding scopes/transport, similar to the event held last October... [Read more about Danby Moors Centre: Dark Skies Night]

It’s that time of year again when half term holidays coupled with dark nights, will hopefully coincide with clear skies, so we have a busy few days at the start of March.  First up is Fyling Hall School on Friday 1st March.

Inspired by the North York Moors National Park’s Dark Skies Festival, Fyling Hall School have invited us to host their very own Stargazing Party... [Read more about Fyling Hall School: Dark Skies Night]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: AM: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter; PM: Mars, Uranus, Mercury
  • Meteors: Alpha Aurigids
  • February 2019 Sky Charts

Auriga ConstellationContinuing the tour of stellar objects crossing the meridian line this month: Capella from the constellation Auriga - the sixth brightest star in the night sky; and Epsilon Aurigae - an unusual binary system that lies just below it. [Read more about Crossing the Line: objects of the month]

Christmas Meal 2018

This year’s society Christmas meal at the Hare and Hounds was once again a convivial occasion.  Nine members made it to the festive banqueting table, the taxi service provided by Mark and Saul ran like clockwork, shaming the normal taxi services... [Read more about Christmas Meal 2018]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: AM: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury; PM: Mar, Uranus, Neptune
  • Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse
  • Meteors: Quarantids
  • Comets: Comet 46P/Wirtanen
  • Earth: at Perihelion
  • January 2019 Sky Charts

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: PM: Saturn, Moon, Mars, Neptune, Uranus.  AM: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter
  • Meteors: Geminids, Ursids
  • Comets: Comet 46P/Wirtanen
  • Winter Solstice: 21st December
  • December 2018 Sky Charts

We have now booked the Hare and Hounds for Dec 1st for 19:00h.  The booking is for up to 15 people, give or take, so it will be first come first serve.  A pre order of menu choices will be required a week before the date. [Read more about Society Christmas Meal 2018]

Night Scenes 2019

We will be putting in an order for 25 copies of Night Scenes 2019, however they are not expected out until late October/early November, so we may have to be a little patient. The price may also have increased, though perhaps not to the stated price on the Astrospace website, (Paul normally does us a deal) If you want to reserve a copy please let Mark know. [Read more about Night Scenes 2019]