In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights 
  • Meteors
  • February 2021 Sky Charts

  [Read more about Sky Notes - February 2021]

Due to the ongoing Covid lockdown restrictions there will be no society meeting in February and most likely March.   [Read more about Society Meetings and Observatory Open Nights. ]

Just a reminder that society subs for the coming year will be void. 


You can still download Paul Money's excellent Night Scenes almanac for 2021, but on PDF or Kindle e book format only. Details are as follows..



February is perhaps the best month to appreciate the magnificence of the winter night sky. With so many impressive constellations to choose from it's hard to know where to begin. One very important northern constellation sometimes overlooked is located above the 'hub of attention' to the south, and so it is on this group our spotlight shall be directed; Auriga the Charioteer.  [Read more about The Charioteer - Auriga ]

Having had a retrospective look back at 2020 last month, it's time to look at some of the planetary skylights ahead in 2021; March to June. [Read more about Planetary Skylights: A look ahead; March-June]