Sky Notes - May 2015

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn
  • Meteor Activity: Eta Aquarids
  • May 2015 Sky Charts

After the society meeting in May, the next formal meeting is not until early autumn, but weather permitting we hope to see some of you at the scheduled public Star Party events over the early summer months. WDAS members who regularly support star parties will know how rewarding these can be. All that is required is a fine evening, a curious public (and some are believe you me very curious) and the scopes. Members also find it a great way to interact and share their interest in astronomy with others.

Assistance is always welcome - actually it's becoming a necessity, even it's just to lend a hand in setting up equipment and keeping a watchful eye on things. So if you can make it along, please do join us. If you are not sure as to whether an event is on due to weather conditions, please ring Mark beforehand to verify matters.   [Read more about Summer Star Party Season]

Paul Money Lecture

There surely cannot have been that many occasions in which Paul has made the journey up to Whitby in such fine conditions, more akin to summer than spring. It was a pleasure not having to battle wind, rain, snow, plague of locusts, etc., which often seems to coincide with Paul’s appearance at the Museum... [Read more about Paul Money Lecture]

Twilight and Shadow

As nights become ever lighter, now may be a good opportunity to briefly explain why the changes in light levels encountered daily after sunset or before sunrise occur. If you were to step outside in autumn, winter or early spring, skies are fully darkened by around 21:00h. This deepest level of darkness, known as Astronomical twilight, is just one of three levels experienced... [Read more about Twilight and Shadow]