Sky Notes - April 2016

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn
  • Meteor Showers: Virginids and Alpha Scorpiids
  • April 2016 Sky Charts

Compared to the departing stellar canopy of winter, at first glance the spring sky may seem rather less inspiring.  Yet, appearances can be deceptive and there is much to wonder at amongst the constellations now arranged across the South and East... [Read more about The Lion and the Serpent]

Spring Tales

With the introduction of BST it is after 21:00h before skies grow fully dark, by which time many of the seasonal constellations associated with winter are on the verge of departing.

Spring groups now occupy much of the sky to the south and east.  Of the star groups arranged in the south, three are associated with the labours of Hercules; Cancer, Hydra and Leo... [Read more about Spring Tales]

Organised by Claire Barber, Head Teacher at Fylingdales Primary School, Fylingthorpe, to tie in with the pupils work projects on space and the night sky. 

It was such a shame for all concerned that the weather conspired against us for the duration of the visit.  The prefab room was full to overflowing - standing room only for the indoor presentation.  Outside, the forecast intermittent light rain, fell as persistent, heavy rain! No observing then, but there was still plenty of enthusiasm to perform the scale solar system demo... [Read more about The Fylingdales School Event on 2nd March]

Following our adventures down at the hostel in February, a sequel has been planned for April 5th (20:30pm start), assuming that is skies are not totally overcast or it’s raining, in which case the event is likely to be postponed.  If it is partly cloudy, so that observations are possible, the format will be similar to last time... [Read more about Boggle Hole Youth Hostel Event]

Observatory Nights

Observatory sessions have been more successful in the March.  On Sunday 13th March there was an astro-photography session... [Read more about Observatory Nights]