Tonight (Sept 1st) is Hooks House night, so if you read this in time and are planning on coming over, weather permitting we aim to be there for around 20:00h.  The Moon will be just after First Quarter, Saturn will still be quite well placed, so there should be something on offer for all (weather permitting) and if so it should be a cracking evenin [Read more about Hook’s House Farm and Westerdale Events]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury
  • Meteors: Piscids
  • Septmber 2017 Sky Charts

The Perseids

Locating Perseids, small image.Unless you had stopped up all night, the chances of spotting any shooting stars from our neighbourhood were pretty negligible. The waning gibbous moon would have drowned out most, however cloud cover obscured all! Apparently it did break up sometime in the early morning hours, allowing moonlight to drown out any late meteors.  Super! [Read more about The Perseids]

Regatta 2017

So, what did Mother Nature have in store for this year’s Regatta – the usual mixture of inclement dross, incorrect forecasts and a blank white disk to look at for hours on end! Well, at least any likely showers would fall on a new gazebo, purchased just a few days prior. The old one requires major (but not insurmountable) work to rectify various issues – particularly with the strut frame work – so we thought a new one would be the better option for now. [Read more about Regatta 2017]

2017 Solar Eclipse

Astronomy fever gripped America in August, where millions were treated to a total solar eclipse.  And WDAS was also invited to join in, by a website visitor from Whitby (Ontario), wondering what events we had planned.

Although Regatta Monday was laid on in celebration, or otherwise, the 5% eclipse in Whitby (North Yorkshire) was less exciting to behold, particularly as it was hidden from view by thick cloud.

However Andi and Héctor's friend and colleague, Javier, captured this imagen evocadora from his home in Gran Canaria.  Thanks to Javier for letting us publish it here. [Read more about 2017 Solar Eclipse]

Hercules et al

The origin and true identity of this constellation was lost even to the ancient Greeks, who knew the figure as Engonasi, which literally means ‘the kneeling one’.  Mark recounts the mythology and describes the constellation of Hercules... [Read more about Hercules et al]

Folk Week Events

Unusually for Folk Week it didn’t rain every single day, in fact Wednesday (Egton show day) was the only bad day... and it was bad, and dark, very dark, sort of total eclipse dark with apocalyptic rain for several hours.  Prospects for the evening star party therefore looked encouraging... [Read more about Folk Week Events]

Given that this event was organised for a bank holiday weekend, it was pleasantly surprising to plan for the evening with a high degree of confidence of clear skies. Mark, Andi and Keith made the journey over to Northcliffe holiday park at Hawsker, (Andi and Keith checking out Seaview park en-route), three scopes packed including the LX 200. Once we had negotiated the bollard and gate (don’t ask) leading to the football field, the instruments were set up and we prepared for a great evening’s observation. [Read more about Northcliffe and Seaview Event]

Paul Money - Talk 2018

Having finally made contact with Paul, we have pencilled in a date for his postponed talk. Unfortunately it will be 2018 before Paul can make it as he running a WEA course until March of 2018. [Read more about Paul Money - Talk 2018]