Sky Notes - July 2018

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars at Opposition.
  • Meteors: Capri-Cornids, Alpha-Cygnids- Delta-Aquarids
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • July 2018 Sky Charts

The society has again been invited to the NYM Park Fest day on Sunday 22nd July, to be held at the Danby Moors centre.

We attended the event in 2016, and although Mark and Keith put on a good display the weather didn’t, and only fleeting glimpses of the Sun were possible for solar viewing.  We have been tasked again with solar viewing and if conditions are fine a scaled solar system demo.  The event runs from 10:00-17:00h... [Read more about WDAS News - Park Fest 2018]

June 2018 Star Party

Observers join WDAS Members for the one star party scheduled in 'the lightest month'.  And the fog in which had marked the early part of the month had given way to clear skies and warm temperatures.

Also on test - Keith's new telescope: a 12" Dobsonian number fro Skywatcher. [Read more about June 2018 Star Party]

M5 Globular ClusterContinuing the tour of stellar objects crossing the meridian line this month: three objects from the constellation of Hercules:

  • Planetary Nebula: Turtle (or NGC 6502)
  • Globular Cluster: M92 (NGC 6341)
  • Star: Alpha Herculis (or 'Rasalgethi' - ‘the kneeler’s head’)