It was indeed a pleasure to return back at the Hare and Hounds for the 2021 society Xmas meal, and with 14 society members and partners present it was our best attended. By the time John L, Keith and Mark had arrived, most were already seated at the long table set up at the fireside end of the venue. It was great to see everyone had made it along and there were no last minute covid cancellations for those who had booked;- Barbara and Mark, Elaine, and Phil, Lee, John and June, Richard and Michele, Saul and Jill. There was the usual kerfuffle distributing out Christmas cards, (never seems to go smoothly, but once everyone had some variety of drink in front of them, the pulling of crackers commenced, donning paper hats, groaning at the terrible Christmas jokes, puzzling over the puzzles and looking forward to the starters. 

Festive Cheer - image by Mark (click for full image)

Mark's on this one, but where's John L -image by Keith (click for full image) 

The starters, as were all courses, quite delicious, with empty plates going back. Mark was quite relieved there no menu foul ups and that he had correctly placed all the orders as instructed. The conversation at the table was the usual mix of debate, discussion, reminiscing and storytelling. Glasses were raised for Rosemary, who loved attending the Christmas meals and will be sadly missed. Keith, Mark and John L (he was there-just not on any pics - so here he is from 2019!) also took a few pictures of proceedings

Image of John - imaging everything (from 2019)
 (click for full image)

It was really a most enjoyable evening, great to meet partners and see new faces at the meal and i think a good time was had by all.  Of course it wouldn't be a Christmas meal if there wasn't some issue with settling up the bill, one of these years we will get it right first time!  By 22:00h members were starting to make their way home. Here’s to next year’s event, let's hope it's every bit as tasty!