Hook's House Event - 22nd August 2020

Planned as our first real outdoor ...outreach event, it was hoped conditions would play ball for our annual pilgrimage over to Hook’s house.  They did, unfortunately it was after 23:00h, long after the event had been cancelled by Mark due to forecast rain – which did arrive for the several hours we would have been present on the campsite.  Lady luck has deserted us in August – with no star parties possible due to the ‘bad weather pandemic’!

Westerdale Event

As of ‘going to keyboard’, we haven’t yet officially had a date confirmed for the annual Westerdale star party event, but it certainly will not be in September.  Hopefully however, we are looking to host one on either Oct 9th or 10th.  We shall seek conformation in time for October’s notes.

Monthly Meetings Recommence??

WDAS monthly meetings may also possibly re- start in October, but to be honest we won’t know whether it will be feasible until after the college goes back and settled down... or not.  We may get to know by late September.  If it is October, It may also not be the first Tuesday of the month (Oct 1st), but rather later on in the month... should we be given the go ahead.  It’s a case of watch this space.