This is the first of  two ‘flagship dark sky events’, the other being held in February. The event will commence at 19:00hrs BST and run until 21:00hrs. As usual, dependant on sky conditions there will be a 'plan B' option should it be cloudy or wet. If skies are clear, Jupiter and Saturn will take precedence, giving people opportunity to view the two major planets in our solar system before they drop too low down. Thereafter deep sky objects visible in the autumn sky will be our main focus. 

The National Park events for the North Yorkshire area have been highlighted in the Astronomy Now Magazine and extensively publisized throughout the region, so it is likely to be sold out (If previous star party nights are anything to go by) with around 60-80 people present. 

Assistance from society members will be greatly appreciated with regard to transport and equipment. If you can help out please contact Mark so arrangements can be made. We shall be leaving Whitby around 18:00hrs.