Another bank holiday weekend and...  ‘stone the crows’...  another heat wave (what is it about bank holidays and unusually hot weather this year...doesn’t seem right).

The event on the Friday night –Aug 23rd, the final night of folk week, turned out to be quite successful, although it was unusually quiet to begin with.  With no LX in service that night, Keith brought his 12” Dobsonian, with Mark bringing up the 6” Dob' and 4” Tal in a separate car journey.  John also came up with his 5" Goto scope, so we had enough instruments.  Barbara and Mark also made it up after braving the traffic back from Leeds – never good on a bank holiday weekend.

After setting up Jupiter was targeted first, before it dropped behind the Royal Hotel.  It was the classic view of Jupiter with the Galilean moons strung out, two either side.  Saturn was up next and looked much crisper through the eyepiece than the week before.  Seeing conditions were obviously markedly better and much appreciated by everyone present.  Titan was clearly visible along with another moon; probably Rhea.  Our usual roll call of deep sky wonders then followed and with a steady stream of people coming to view, ask questions and stick around, it was a pleasing evening by anyone standards.