Our first event of the Dark sky festival week will be on February 25th 2022 at The Fox and Hounds Hotel-Ainthorpe, where hosts Colin and Vicky of the Fox & Hounds Hotel - Ainthorpe, are again hosting their Dark skies - Warm fires night from the hotel under the dark skies of the North York Moors. Hopefully better conditions, not only can you experience the magnificence of the late winter night sky, but also a cosy dining venue. The hosts have managed to secure an arrangement with the National Parks Danby Moors Centre, whereby guests staying for the Friday event are also able to attend the Danby Moors event the following evening.

Keith and Mark will be holding court inside the Hotel from 18:30hrs, when proceedings commence. If skies are clear, observations will be carried out from the beer garden or upper yard following their presentation. The event finishes around 21:00hrs after dinner. Any members wishing to come along to assist if skies are forecast to be clear, please contact Mark. We shall be setting off from Whitby at 17:40hrs. 

To Contact Fox & Hounds: 01287 660218 or infoatfoxandhoundsainthorpe.com

Email - Mark - spanton33attalktalk.net