This was our second visit to the Kettleness Scout centre, which used to be the railway station back in the day.  Sleights cubs were spending the Halloween weekend camping there and had asked for a star party for evening of the 28th.  Conditions, although very in keeping with Halloween, were not very conducive for observations, being rather cloudy and very windy, too windy for the scopes.  Use was therefore made of the activities room for an indoor show.

Ably assisted by Keith, Mark used the screen projector and laptop to show what would have been observable in the sky.  This was followed by the celestial menagerie presentation, highlighting the various types of objects astronomers look at (the pretty pictures segment). 

Around 30 cubs were present along with pack leaders and considering the young age of (most) of the audience it seemed to fire up their imagination with some excellent questions being asked.  Not the evening we were ideally hoping for outside, but from the interest shown i think they did gain something from our visit.