Preparing to start the lecture "When
Galaxies Collide" (Click image for full
-size view, and try to spot Lee, Keith
and John.  Where's Mark? Probably
buying lenses or raffle tickes!)

At one point it could have run to three cars, but in the end five WDAS members made the journey over to Leeds squeezing into just one -  Andi's car - for Astromeet 2014.

The slightly 'quicker detour route' around Pickering proved 'deer-less' this year, much to our disappointment and arrival at Leeds university was bang on 09:40h - as per usual.

Mark signed everyone in: Andi, John L, Keith and Lee and we headed for the venue rooms to quickly peruse the trade stalls and meet up with Mike (Marks mate). Mark was first to snap up a Barlow lens and 32mm plossle eyepiece, before purchasing another Barlow lens and 26mm Plossle eyepiece. Had he gone mad? (Well, some would argue....) Aahh no, just a shopping list for other people. And they got change as well!

Inside, Alan's talk on Edmond Halley;
while just outside, a squirrel prepares
for the Winter Solstice.

After are usual foray over to the Leeds Univ refectory complex for a spot of lunch, we made contact with Paul Money who had come up to Leeds for the afternoon lectures and to exchange copies of Night Scenes with various society representatives or individuals. Transactions completed it was time for the afternoon session. The raffle draw was conducted before Alan Chapman’s talk (as is customary) but for once WDAS members were left empty handed - frustratingly just a number out either way on several accounts.

Keep reading for the first of Mark's notes on the lectures...