Our association with Ayresome Primary School & Lego Innovation Studio will again be renewed this year when a group of pupils (around 30 or so) when we will host a star party event for them on either the 9th, 10th, or 11th (depending which evening according to the forecast)... [Read more about Coming Event: Whitby Youth Hostel]

The beginning of March saw two star party events coinciding with the half term ‘dark sky window’, one at Fylinghall School and the other at Danby Moors Centre.  After a very fine and unseasonal end to February (almost summer like) it was almost inevitable conditions returned to those normally associated with late winter:- in a word, unpredictable.  Observations outdoors was not possible at either event, and yet they could be construed as being successful. [Read more about Dark Sky Events: Fylinghall and Danby]

And finally...

A brief word regarding society monthly meetings.  It is very encouraging to see quite a few new (and some familiar) faces at the meetings (17 last month) If any members have something to share or are willing to give a presentation or talk related to astronomy, please contact Mark. [Read more about And finally...]

After receiving a most intriguing email from Mr Jim Storey, concerning a Mr Norman Wright, who was keen on visiting the Bruce Observatory, it was arranged to meet with Jim and Norman at the observatory on February 17th. [Read more about Bruce Telescope: Family Visit]

Our association with Ayresome Primary School & Lego Innovation Studio will be continued again this year after been contacted by Elizabeth Labelle; assistant Head Teacher (phase3).  This year’s group of pupils (around 30 or so) will be stopping at the Whitby Youth Hostel from April 8th - 12th and we shall be hosting a star party event for them on either the 9th, 10th, or 11th, whichever evening according to the forecast looks best. [Read more about Forthcoming Event: Ayresome Primary School Visit]

The exhibition has now opened and is most definitely worth a visit.  Sponsored by the Royal Society, the exhibition showcases the area’s connections investigating the cosmos, from Captain Cook’s 1768 voyage observing the transit of Venus to the search for Dark Matter at Boulby Underground Laboratory.  The exhibition runs until early July... [Read more about 'Whitby and the Cosmos' Exhibition (Whitby Museum)]

On Saturday March 2nd we will be in action again at the Danby Moors Centre for their Dark Sky half term event.  This is their ‘flagship event’, and if skies are clear we shall definitely require assistance from members regarding scopes/transport, similar to the event held last October.  Hopefully skies will be clear this time round, if so, we shall be observing some of the jewels of the winter sky.  The event runs from 7pm- 9pm, so we shall have to set off shortly after 6pm to allow time to set up equipment etc if conditions look promising... [Read more about Dark Sky Event#2: Danby Moors Centre]

On March 1st we will be hosting an event at Fylinghall School, which is also being co-promoted by Baytown Coffee.  It’s 3 years since we last visited the School for a star night event, and it will be nice to renew ties.  If conditions are satisfactory (not chucking it down, blowing a Hooley, or knee deep in snow- none of which look likely) the boarding students will be flogged enlisted to help out with a scaled solar system demonstration before observing is commenced, or the implementation of plan B (indoor presentation)... [Read more about Dark Sky Event#1: Fylinghall School]

New Laptop

Hussar!  A new laptop at last!  Well, it was about time, our existing one getting on for 8 yrs old, slowing-up, taped-up and most probably fed-up.  The new one (an HP) is much quicker, smaller, lighter and better capable of running the newly released upgrade of the Starry Night program we utilise for the meetings etc.  Good timing really.  Want to see a picture comparison?.. [Read more about New Laptop]

Society Subs – 2019

If you have not already done so (and you haven’t had a visitation from Mark) subscriptions for the coming year are due.  Happily subscription rates have been kept the same i.e £12, for adults with subsidized rates at £8 for under 16’s.

You can bring subs along to the W.D.A.S monthly meetings in January or February at the very latest.  If you cannot make the meetings

Cheques are made payable to: “Whitby & District Astronomical Society". Please address to Mark Dawson at 33 laburnum Grove, Whitby.  YO211HZ. 

Many thanks for your continued support. [Read more about Society Subs – 2019]