It's been a very different last 9 months, challenging, frustrating, sometimes uplifting. Here then is a brief summary of 2020 from the societies prospective, including highlights of events in the sky.   [Read more about 2020 -A Year to Remember?]

Just a reminder that society subs for the coming year will be void. 


A reminder that Paul Money's excellent Night Scenes almanac is available for 2021, but on PDF or Kindle e book format only. Details are as follows..


Tentative plans are been drawn up for the societies participation in star party events being held in the new year. Whether they will be possible remains to be seen, dependent on the nature and severity of any Covid restrictions in operation.  [Read more about Possible Star Party Events by Late Winter 2021?]

The final planetary highlight of 2020 (and arguably the best) occurred in December, a rare close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Fortunately the weather was not uniformly ill-spirited for one of the evenings, with Sunday 20th turning out to the best of the 'conjunction days' and so ...





WDAS Subs 2021?

Society subs are normally up for renewel as we approach the end of the year, however this coming year... [Read more about WDAS Subs 2021?]

Due to new covid restrictions coming into force there will be no society meeting in January or (probably) February. Observatory open nights will also not be possible in January, but after that ... [Read more about Society Meetings and Observatory Open Nights. ]

Good News! Paul Money's excellent Night Scenes almanac is now available for 2021, but on PDF or Kindle e book format only. Details are as follows..


Paul Money's excellent Night Scenes publication has had to change format for 2021 due to the knock on effect of Covid 19. [Read more about Night Scenes - A different format for 2021]

Not really surprising that we won't be able to hold society meetings in November, or quite probably December (but we'll see). So, it's looking as though it's going to be the New Year (not necessarily January either) before we have chance to meet formally at the College.  [Read more about Society Meetings, Observatory Open Nights and Christmas Meal. ]