Hot on the heels of NAW, science week followed all too quickly. Surprisingly, both nights (Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th) turned out pretty clear and therefore observing was possible. The event on the 18th at Whitby College saw Dr Sean Paling give an updated presentation on the search for Dark Matter- still not found! Afterwards people were treated to views of Jupiter through the observatory scope.                                                                                                                                                               

The Thursday evening event at Caedmon saw Emily Brunsden -teaching fellow at York University give a talk about the Sun. Emily who originates from New Zealand has only just been posted here and was still getting to grips with the northern night sky. Following Emily’s presentation, all those present were able to experience the university cosmo-dome (inflatable planetarium), set up in the main hall, whilst outside Mark set up the 10” dobsonian to make use of the improving conditions. Jupiter and the Orion nebula had top billing greatly impressing through the eyepiece. Again, it has to be said a enjoyable most useful evening.