Hook's House - Our first event will be at Hook's House Farm Campsite on Saturday 4th September. Hooks House is located on the B1447 down into Robin Hood's Bay from Whitby (right hand side of road) Those members who have been before over the years will know what a great location this is overlooking RHB toward Ravenscar. Views are unrestricted to the South, West and much of the East, with the North not to shabby either!  If the campsite is full and conditions are favourable it is usually well attended, so if members can make it along it would be appreciated. Transportation may be an issue again, so if you can assist please contact Mark. We are looking to set off by 19:45hrs and be on site for 20:00hrs with a view to observing within 20 minutes. Normally it's around 22:30hrs when we depart. If the weather plays ball it should be an enjoyable evening.  

Waiting for twilight - Hooks House campsite 2018 (click for larger image)

There will be two further scheduled star party events in September, both on the West Cliff - Cook's Statue headland. One on Saturday 11th and another on the 18th, both from 20:00hrs.   

Finally, looking further ahead we hope to organise a star party for Westerdale (currently being discussed). This will most likely be the first Friday or Saturday in October, that's the 1st or 2nd. The venue will be from the village hall/car park probably starting from 19:30hrs. An update will be issued later in September, so please do re-visit the website for information. We also anticpate further events later in October, but details of these are yet to be confirmed.

The resumption of monthly meetings at Caedmon College is scheduled to be Tuesday Oct 5th from 19:30hrs - more on this in October notes.