First, let us deal with society monthly meetings. Having not been able to meet formally for over 12 months, we are not planning doing so this side of summer, at least in the classroom at Caedmon College. Formal meetings would normally cease after May anyway and given the next step into freedom is not until mid May, we expect society monthly meeting to recommence after summer - probably October. It should however be possible to meet up outdoors, perhaps in and around the Bruce observatory before the end of May - even if it's just to try out some equipment, look through a scope, say hello, etc.  Perhaps pencil in 21.00hrs May 15th and 22nd - these dates coincide with a waxing moon.   

The return of Star Party events draws closer (click for larger image)

As we head through June, restrictions are due to be fully relaxed, but as June is challenging to host Star Party events given the nature of the bright conditions, dates are restrictive anyway. Perhaps pencil in June 19th as a possible date, with a gibbous moon on show. The most likely time frame to recommence regular events on the West Cliff will be from mid July, the most probable date being July 17th. Hopefully after that Star Party dates will be scheduled according to the usual lunar, planetary, and no doubt, weather condition considerations. In essence similar to a 'normal' year, the caveat being perhaps some form of ongoing social distancing and good hygiene practices with regard to telescope/eyepieces etc, ie wiping down. An update will be given in the June notes. Until then, or some of us meeting in May, fingers crossed.