After a predominantly overcast day, and some pessimism about prospects of being able to view anything outside, wouldn't you know it, skies cleared as forecast and remained clear for the duration of the event at Westerdale, making our journey very much worthwhile.

The sky was quite magnificent from the venue of the village hall car park. Quite a posse of members made it with just the one navigational miscalculation, although I believe Warren enjoyed the very scenic route.

After a difficult year it was good to meet up again with our resident Westerdale member and good friend John Randles especially after not seeing him for a while. No need for any indoor presentation this year, scopes were set up straight away, a total of six in all!

Apart from our usual ‘summer/autumn’ sky collection, several meteors were also spotted, to the delight of all. A laser point sky tour illuminated the menagerie of constellations visible in the late summer sky.

Views of the rising last Qtr moon flagged up the end of the event, which was enjoyed by all present. On cue, the starry sky was snuffed out by cloud on our journey home.

Verdict: Astronomers 2 - Grumpy Mother Nature 0.

Arrival in Westerdale (Photo by Andi)

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Keith and John set up at Westerdale. (Photo by Andi)

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Warren and granddaughter in Westerdale (Photo by Keith)

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Mark and Andi steadying the big Meade at Westerdale. (Photo by Keith)

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