Whitby Youth Hostel Event

Originally planned for Oct 29th 2022, staff shortages at the Hostel prevented this going ahead as scheduled, but will now take place on Wednesday February 15th from 7pm at the Youth Hostel. Organised by the Hostel and marketed by themselves and Danby Moors Centre, the event is looking to build on the popularity of the 'in-house' event run in 2021.

The rear of the Hostel - The observing location? 

We have hosted star party events from the Youth Hostel on several occasions, not to mention utilising the front drive approach area for numerous visiting schools events. As usual, if the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, an indoor plan B will be offered. There are several good sized rooms within the Hostel which lend themselves nicely for this purpose. A scale solar system demo will also be a preferred option if conditions allow, which could be carried out either in the YH gardens to the rear, or along the approach drive. 

If conditions look favourable assistance will be welcome for this event with around 30 booked to attend - adults and Children. The preferred running program is solar system demo first, before splitting into two groups - one to observe and the other to go on a 'astro-ramble' or walkabout, before swapping over. Of course this is assuming conditions are suitable for observing. If not, plan B lurks in the background - ie indoor presentation. 

There is room for several cars just behind Abbey Visitors Centre gate house and at the Youth Hostel itself. The event will finish around 8:30pm. Plans will be discussed further at the society February meeting on the 7th.