After the apparent demise of Leeds Astro-Meet, a new astro-convention is set to go ahead this autumn. Organised by Brian Jones, who is now the Editor of the Yearbook of Astronomy, which for many years was edited by Sir Patrick Moore,  the event; called the Yearbook of Astronomy Convention, will be held on Saturday 29 October, at the Idle and Thackley Conservative Club in Idle, Bradford.

There’s a programme of four speakers,  including Rod Hine, the brilliant Peter Rea, and Mary McIntyre. The cost is £17.50, which includes a buffet lunch; there is also a bar.  It is hoped with enough interest shown, the convention will become an annual event. Those of you who purchased a copy of YOA 2022 will have noted a feature by society member John McCue, who will become an annual contributor to YOA.

Brian and John and all those involved are obviously keen to make a success of the convention, so if you are interested either contact Mark or go direct to the link below. We are now confident the event does not clash with any possible Dark Skies event likely to be held at the Danby Moors Centre. It would appear that the October event at Danby is not going ahead in preference to the one in February.  

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