Jupiter remains the dominant planet in the night sky high up in Gemini. [Read more about Planetary Skylights - March 2014]

No, we haven't forgotten, however this year’s Easter lecture is actually nearer to the summer solstice! [Read more about Paul Money Lecture 2014]

The Spring Equinox

The date of the Vernal Equinox and officially the start spring in the northern hemisphere falls on March 20th this year. This is when the Sun's path - the ecliptic, first crosses the celestial equator on its apparent journey northwards into the sky. [Read more about The Spring Equinox ]

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image has become one of the iconic images of our time.  But now that photograph has been re-created as a 3D animation, zooming-backwards in time to the earliest formed galaxy.... [Read more about Hubble Ultra Deep Field: Animation]

We live in exciting times in our understanding of the Universe.  But if this discovery is confirmed, it will certainly be the biggest story in Cosmology this year!

A team from the Harvard-Smithsonian Institute say they have discovered the smoking gun of gravitational waves in the Cosmic microwave Background: proof that the universe expanded to trillions of times its own size in the tinyist fraction of a second after it was created. [Read more about Gravitational Waves Witness the Big Bang]