Lots of Members couldn't make it to the WDAS February meeting, so here's a brief round-up of events:

  • How the night sky will change
    (Mark gave a Starry-night tour through the millenia showing how the stars and constellations will develop over the next ninety-eight millenia.)
  • Inflation's signature in doubt
    (Andi showed a film-strip of last year's most significant astronomical discovery, and explained how new data has caused the discovery claim to be withdrawn.

  [Read more about Society Meeting Write-up: February 2015]

Sky Notes - March 2015

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Venus, Uranus and Mars align
  • Meteor Activity: almost none to speak of
  • Comet Lovejoy: finding it in March
  • March 2015 Sky Charts

We are rapidly approaching what is undoubtedly one of the celestial highlights of the year, the spring equinox, which falls on March 20th.

What, the spring equinox?!? Yes but, this year’s spring equinox will not be the anonymous affair it normally is, but will be marked with something rather more fitting, and for a lucky few (in the Faroe Islands and Svalbard) very much more memorable. [Read more about Partial Solar Eclipse – 2015]

Eskdale Star Event

As you will have read last time we have been invited to assist at the forthcoming ‘star night’ at Eskdale school on March 4th (the night after our March meeting).

If skies are clear we will be taking several scopes up, as well as the laptop and projector (plan B).

Any members wishing to assist on the evening please be at Eskdale School for 6:30pm (front door car park).

The Telescopes have to transported through the main hall and erected at the back of the school, hopefully observing Jupiter, Orion etc.

I believe hot soup, buns, tea and cakes will be available to warm the cockles should it be a chilly evening. [Read more about Eskdale Star Event]